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Bespoke LED solutions from Forge Europa

Forge Europa is committed to providing the perfect solution for customers' LED needs

A one-size-fits-all approach does not work with LED technology.  

There is no denying that standard LED light engines offer a good solution, but they can also stifle innovation.  Standard solutions can only take you so far before you’re obliged to compromise on luminaire design, just to get to the performance you’re looking for. And in that compromise you may be losing out on functionality, increasing costs and losing the vital USP that was at the heart of your innovation. So nothing new comes to market and nothing sets you apart from your competition. And your customers miss out too. 

Custom design can be as little or as much as is needed and with Forge Europa it will always be an ideal solution.


The bespoke solution

The design and fabrication of dedicated LED arrays is a regular part of Forge Europa’s service to customers.

There will always be a need for standard solutions and Forge Europa offers quality standard product for exactly those purposes. But we can go that step further. We have over 23 years of experience in a vast array of markets, creating the ideal solution for our customers 
We believe that problems shouldn’t be avoided, they should be overcome. When customers come to Forge Europa they’re looking to create a product that is truly their own.  By working directly with the customer and understanding the product we evaluate all possibilities to increase efficiencies and reduce overall system costs. In understanding the mechanics, thermal characteristics, materials, and performance objectives of the product we ensure that PCB materials and size are optimised and the best LEDs and electronics are selected for the job. We’ll even design and manufacture the optical arrangement before precision-assembling the complete solution. 


Forge Europa in practice

Forge Europa provides bespoke variations on standard product that enables customers to install product  in specific  environments.Here we see a bespoke LED strip provided with a ‘snappable’ junction placed regularly along the length of the strip.

Project Objective:
To create a slimline PCB providing an even wash of illumination from various extrusion lengths up to maximum length of  1200mm.

– Even illumination when used with a diffuser
– Ease of assembly and ability to be used in different lengths
– Slimline extrusion to suit limited physical space
– Low profile connectors
– Excellent thermal characteristics  

– A slimline PCB, 300mm long, snappable every 100mm allows greater production flexibility
– Dual foot printed for 2 LED variants
– Mid-power LEDs with thermally conductive tape applied
to back for easy application
– 3 connector options for easy assembly

The application of knowledge

Bespoke products often derive from standard light engines that don’t quite fit the bill. Applying a custom solution could start by simply adding new connectors, or changing the LED type or shape of the on-board electronics. With a flexible solution it may be the need for a different size or shape of solder pad, or a specific arrangement of cut lengths. The issue may involve fixings that require a high-tack adhesive for a special silicone-sleeved solution.

All of this is possible. To find out more about Forge Europa, click on the logo.