Lux launches campaign for fairer warranties

Lux is launching a campaign to ensure that customers are protected by fair warranties.

LED manufacturers sometimes make bold lifespan claims about their products and the reliability of these claims often rests on the quality of the luminaire. Warranties should protect consumers from poor product performance, but in the lighting industry warranties are not always fair and can be misleading.

In some cases warranties dramatically overstate the likely lifespan of their products. A ten-year warranty, for example, does not take into account the complications of long-term LED operation and wouldn’t be offered by a reliable company.

Sometimes warranties do not match the performance claims found in the product’s data sheet and fail to address key concerns such as colour shift and lumen depreciation. The LED’s driver, which is often the cause of a failed product, can also be left out of a warranty. 

Today Lux is launching a campaign for fairer warranties to ensure that customers are not let down when attempting to future proof a lighting project.

We believe that:

  • The rights of a warranty should extend automatically to the end user
  • Warranties should match the performance claims of the data sheet, not undermine them
  • There should be no requirement to register with the manufacturer
  • There should be no annual restriction on burn hours
  • Warranty and traceability information be placed on the product

Have you been left badly let down by a warranty that over-promised? What more can be done to make warranties more reliable? You can get involved with the campaign by commenting below.