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Inter-lux to distribute Whitegoods luminaires

85 Wigmore Street, London by Orms Architects, an example of a project using Whitegoods luminaires integrated into the ceiling. Photograph by Robin Gautier.

US lighting supplier Inter-lux has won the licence to produce and distribute Whitegoods products globally, following the closure of the Whitegoods’ UK production facility in December.

The Baltimore, Maryland-based company has been manufacturing under license for Whitegoods in the US market for many years, and has seen business there grow steadily to a point where it is the largest market for the minimalist lighting brand.

Whitegoods was one of the early pioneers in ‘integrated’ lighting, where the luminaires are embedded in the building fabric. ‘Whitegoods is the clearest brand of lighting products on the market today: ‘It’s a language’, says Inter-lux CEO, Mark Devries. ‘No other brand is as well defined or loyal to its message. It defines an overall design approach to the point that I can identify Whitegoods spaces and Whitegoods designers.’

Christopher Burridge, who has been contracted by Inter-Lux to manage the international market partners, told Lux: ‘I’m really pleased with the progress being made on the transition. It’s great that we have a known entity that is continuing with the supply of the products and one that we know we can rely on.’

A recent addition to their market partners is UK sales agency, Speclight Associates, headed up by Steve Rosier.


  • Integrated lighting is the special theme of the lightspace dot london 2017 event taking place along LuxLive in London on Wednesday 23 November and Thursday 24 November. The Embedded Lighting Experience will feature innovative lighting products for integrating into the architecture of a building.