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Smart street lights to detect snowfall

Heavy snowfall in Westchester County last year. New smart LEDs will assist with future clear up efforts.

Smart LEDs are to be installed to help in the task of clearing snow drifts in the United States.

The intelligent fixtures are able to measure the effectiveness of snow removal efforts via depth sensors that are fitted within ground based luminaires.

The tech is then able to pass data onto snow clearing crews allowing them to know where to concentrate their efforts. The US has seen increasingly worsening winters over the last decade.

Real estate company The Simon Property Group is installing the intelligent LEDs at some of the US’s biggest shopping malls including the Westchester Mall in New York and the Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis.

The information gathered by the inbuilt sensors is analysed by GE’s industrial strength Predix platform before being passed on to the necessary authorities.

The Simon Group is also planning to use the luminaires to better manage their vast shopping mall carparks.

It is estimated that the LED monitoring and analysis could save the company more that 20 percent in annual snow removal costs. The Simon Group is also hoping to use smart LEDs to direct shoppers to vacant parking spaces and highlight congestion and unusual traffic patterns.

It is also hoped that intelligent LEDs installed in street lighting could be utilised to alert authorities to broken down vehicles.

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