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Amazon drones to dock on streetlights

If Amazon's drone plan becomes a reality then you might be seeing one dock on a street light near you soon.

Amazon has just been granted a US patent that depicts drone docking stations as standalone structures that are constructed on top of streetlights, buildings and pylons.  

It has been known for sometime that the company plans to use drones to deliver packages, but up until now the gritty detail of their proposal has remained something of a mystery.

Amazon hopes that the docking stations will act both as package handling facilities and as a final destination where drones are able to recharge and refuel. The stations would incorporate solar panels, security cameras, and even Wi-Fi.

Example of what an Amazon drone will look like. They may be docking on top of  a streetlight near you.

The docking points would also be able to act as points of safety and shelter for drones during harsh weather.

The development of the streetlight safe havens in theory means that drones would be able to continuously hop from drop off point to drop off point, opening up, potentially, whole counties to the Amazon drone service.

It is also hoped that the docking stations will be able to offer navigational assistance, helping to guide the craft to the location of their drop-off.

The filing of the patent does not necessarily mean that the docking stations will get built, but it does allow us to see how Amazon are preparing for their future drone revolution, whenever it arrives.


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