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Top US basketball team in Li-fi stadium first

The California Golden State Warriors' new stadium is all set to feature Li-fi.

The Li-fi Centre, the Edinburgh based technology company, is to install Li-fi at the new stadium home of leading US basketball team, the California Golden State Warriors.

The high-tech sports and entertainment complex, which is due to be completed by 2018, will feature Li-fi street lamps that will be able to transmit data to people passing beneath them.

The floor tiles in the brand new stadium will also generate electricity when people walk on them.

The Centre did not deny that they were involved with the project when contacted, but were cagey on the details.

‘Unfortunately, we are currently not at liberty to comment any further regarding this engagement,’ a Li-fi Centre spokesman told Lux. ‘But we will be sure to let you know as soon as we have freedom to comment further,’ the spokesman concluded.

Li-fi is attracting more and more attention as a concept and it was recently announced that it will be installed on the Paris Metro.

The technology can be rapidly integrated in to everyday applications and it is believed that Li-fi will be much more secure than Wi-fi.

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