Pulsar signs up to Lux’s Fair Warranty crusade

Pulsar has given its whole hearted backing to Lux’s battle to make warranties fairer. The company offers an advanced replacement policy as standard and their EcoRange comes with a ten year guarantee.

Pulsar joins Greenlite who added their name to the campaign last week

The principles that form the basis of the crusade are stringent and have been designed to ensure that the rights of the consumer are protected. 

The five key planks of the Lux platform are:

  • The rights of a warranty should extend automatically to the end user
  • Warranties should match the performance claims of the data sheet, not undermine them
  • There should be no requirement to register with the manufacturer 
  • There should be no annual restriction on burn hours
  •  Warranty and traceability information be placed on the product

Last year Pulsar announced that the luminaires on the front of their building had been running, without issue, for over 100,000 hours.

You can find out more about the Lux campaign by clicking here. You can sign up to Lux’s fair warranties campaign by emailing

Warranties will be discussed at this year’s Lux Live, which will take place on the 23-24th of November 2016 at the Excel Centre in London. It’s free to attend and you can find out more here.