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Trilux backs wellbeing conference

Trilux has announced that the company will sponsor Lux’s upcoming Health and Wellbeing conference.

It is well known that the right kind of light can have a profound effect on mood, productivity and health. It can also make us more productive in the workplace and make us recover quicker from illness.

Trilux has been feverishly researching in an attempt to further the available knowledge of the subject and now the company’s sponsorship of Lux’s conference, which aims to delve deep into the impact of circadian lighting, is a further demonstration of Trilux’s dedication to the task.

The day will include exclusive presentations from keynote speakers including Katharina Wulff of Oxford University and Alexandra Hammond of the NHS Foundation Trust, plus interactive sessions and live interviews.

Trilux’s business development director, Helen Loomes will give a presentation on the complex topic of how human centric lighting can support hormonal balance in shift work and the moral implications that surround it.

With over 30 years’ experience in the lighting world, Helen is an active member of the Society of Light and Lighting and was recently awarded a Fellowship. 

The programme will end with networking and a drinks reception.

The event follows Trilux Akademie’s successful hosting of a Human Centric Lighting Conference earlier this year, at the Royal Institution in London. The occasion, which showcased the latest research from academics Debra Skene and Rob Lucas, was attended by people from across the lighting world.

  • Lux is hosting a special Lighting for Health and Wellbeing conference in London on Thursday 22 September. It’s   free for all those associated with the management of buildings services. To view the details and register for a place, click on the conference logo or click here.