Lux to investigate Power-over-Ethernet in new webinar

Lux will be hosting a webinar on the latest developments in Power-over-Ethernet next week.

The presentation will be delivered by Dwight Stewart, founder of Igor, a technology that gives users intelligent control over a building’s entire lighting system, while offering energy savings.

John Baekelmans, CTO of the Internet of Everything Solutions Group at Cisco Systems in London, will also be on hand to offer his opinions on the topic.

Ground-breaking technologies rarely come fully-formed; all booted and suited and ready to go, nevertheless, everyone gets really excited when, to borrow a phrase from Star Trek, we realize we might be able to go to a place that we have never been before.

What is even more exciting than being a pioneer, is when technology starts responding to everyday needs in practical and efficient ways.

Igor can do this while understanding that simplicity is the key to any new technology. For a system to be adopted across the sector it must be intuitive and ready to go from the outset and that is where the next generation of Power-over-Ethernet is about to take us.

‘The lighting industry is undergoing a digital transformation that is opening up exciting new capabilities and opportunities afforded by network attached lighting,’ comments Dwight Stewart.  

But transformative change always prompts challenges. In our upcoming webinar we will discuss how these challenges can be best overcome and how the Power over Ethernet industry can deliver on the benefits that connected lighting can bring to building owners.