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Hue motion sensor turns lights on for you

The new Philips Hue will feature a motion sensor for the first time. Images: Philips

The sensor is linked to a smartphone app, which can be then used to adjust light sensitivity .

The new Philips Hue will feature a motion sensor for the first time, meaning users will no longer have to string together a convoluted chain of gadgets to achieve automated dimming when a room is empty.

The motion sensor sits in a small white box and allows users to automate their lighting based upon whether or not people are in a room at any given time. 

Philips have developed a smartphone app that is linked to the sensor and lets users choose which lights to turn on when movement is detected in a room. The app also lets you set how long lights should remain on for after it has been detected that everyone has left a room.

Philips Hue has also joined forces with hit US television show The Voice, to allow the programme to take over viewer’s home lighting and decide which effects best compliment what is appearing on screen. 

The sensor does though have its limitations though. The gadget is limited to detecting motion within a 16.5 feet radius, which can be further limited if necessary. It is also not possible to limit the detectors sensitivity, meaning that your dog will be able to turn the lights on simply by entering the room.

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