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The Asensetek Lighting Passport Pro

The Asensetek Lighting Passport Pro gives designers the means to test how well a light source is performing.
Lighting Passport Pro with mount stand accessory 

The more information that we have, the better we’re able to deliver a quality service. But how does that information come to us? Do we have to rely on other people to provide us with the data, or is there a way that we can gather information for ourselves.

Hand-held light meters have been around for a long time, but the information available has been limited to illuminance (lux) readings and very little else. The Asensetek Lighting Passport Pro changes all that and gives us the means to test for ourselves how well a light source is performing.

Building trust

Putting together a lighting specification is a matter of trust. The client trusts that the lighting designer or engineer knows what they are doing and, in turn, the specifier needs to trust that the products being considered actually do what the manufacturers say they will do.

But how far does that trust run? We are in the middle of a disruptive period, caused by a new technology (LED). The assurances from global lamp manufacturers, that we all used to rely on, have been blown away by the collapse of that manufacturing base and replaced by new companies with little or no track record.

LEDs are being delivered to market with no standard specification and the data sets that we’re asked to rely on come with no history or provenance.

Many of the problems that we’re experiencing are a result of poor colour delivery. Despite what the data sheets may say, the

Lighting Passport Pro with Smart phone clipper

light being delivered often leaves a lot to be desired. Clients are reporting odd colour behaviour and, until now, the specifier has had little opportunity to verify the performance of the sources.

The Lighting Passport Pro enables the specifier to confirm colour performance to a level of accuracy that is very impressive in a hand-held device.

Whether its checking a sample fixture on the designer’s desk or checking on the performance of an installation, the Lighting Passport Pro provides all of the measurements that a specifier needs to confirm that the figures on the data sheet match the performance of the luminaire.

Designed to function with a smart phone or tablet, via a Bluetooth connection, the Lighting Passport Pro provides an abundance of useful data of the light source:

Colour performance

Spectral distribution and measurement of peak and dominant wavelengths

Colour temperature

Correlated colour temperature (CCT), including Chromaticity Coordinates and D u,v readings

Colour rendering

CRI, including Colour Quality Scale and R1-R15 analysis

TM-30-15 measurements, Fidelity Index and Gamut Index and a graphical representation of the performance

Colour accuracy

SDCM (standard deviation of colour matching) measurement


Flicker percentage, index and frequency 

Highlighting poor R9 colour rendering with the Lighting Passport Pro

There are three versions of software for the Lighting Passport Pro, for three different industries: commercial lighting, film + TV, and horticulture.

The Lighting Passport Pro arrives with a Calibration Certificate and registration of the product qualifies for an extra year warranty and ensures a biennial reminder for re-calibration, the first of which is free of charge.