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Meet the bedside lamp……you can smell

The Vibrance emits therapeutic scents of lavender and parsley to stimulate the mind and body after a night’s sleep.
The Vibrance aims to banish your smartphone from your bedside table. 

In a week that Lux has already featured one bizarre LED innovation, now we can introduce you to another…the light fixture that you can smell.

With a tag line that sounds vaguely terrifying, Vibrance, ‘the silent scent and light alarm clock’, has been unveiled by co-creators and entrepreneurs Ibadat Bambrah and Hani Abidi.

The light source has been designed to help you to ‘wake up, energise, relax, sleep and more,’ and to do this the Vibrance emits therapeutic scents of lavender and parsley to stimulate the mind and body after a night’s sleep.

The idea behind the lamp is to banish from your bedside table the crowing smart-phone alarm clock, with its harsh tones, that jolts you awake on a week day.

Instead of emitting a harsh din, the Vibrance starts to release its scent in the hour before you are due to wake up. As the ticking clock approaches wake-up time the aroma increases, while the LED light starts to glow, attempting to gently push you into the day, rather than dropping you off a cliff slap-bang into a brand new day.

The smart lamp has circadian rhythms very much on his mind and it is able to adjust light intensity and scent to compliment the weather outside the window. For example, lavender will be used an a dull, dark, rainy day to help to enhance your mood and motivate your mind, but this may be in vain when you leave the house and the rainy, dark, dull day hits you squarely in the face.

You can even choose to have your new found peace and serenity shattered, if you so wish, by connecting your smartphone to the Vibrance, which will then, gently, flicker to notify you of a new call or message.

The Vibrance is hoping to win financial backing on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, so the light fitting can be developed further.

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