Charges filed in lighting engineer death case

The 40ft Cheeki Rafiki yacht went missing in the North Atlantic during a massive storm and was later found, with no sign of its crew.
Paul Goslin 56, James Male 23, Steve Warren 52 and Andrew Bridge 21 all lost there lives after their yacht, Cheeki Rafiki capsized in stormy weather.

The director of the firm that managed the Cheeki Rafiki yacht has been charged with manslaughter after it capsized in 2014, killing its crew, which included lighting engineer Steve Warren of Charles Endirect. 

The 40ft yacht went missing in the North Atlantic during a massive storm and was later found, with no sign of its crew, in May 2014. Colleagues in the lighting industry petitioned  for the US Coast Guard to resume its search for the missing men after the USCG declared it was no longer likely that anyone would be found alive.

The owner of the yacht, Douglas Innes, has now been charged with four counts of gross negligence manslaughter and will appear at Southampton Magistrates’ Court on 3 November. Innes and his company Stormforce Coaching are also charged with breaking merchant shipping laws.

Andrew Bridge, Steve Warren, Paul Goslin and James Male all lost their lives when the yacht capsized. The men had been returning from Antigua Sailing Week to Southampton when the fatal incident occurred in the waters approximately 720 miles (1,160km) east-south-east of Nova Scotia in Canada.

Warren had played a crucial part in the design and manufacture of feeder pillars for the London Olympic Games main south plaza in 2012, a project for which he was heralded for his expertise. 

‘The electrical industry has lost a top engineer’ said a senior operations manager at Skanska, one of Warren’s former employers. ‘The Olympic project was part of the London Games legacy and for me it will always be Steve’s legacy.’