Nulty+ launches bespoke luminaire division

Team Nulty on a rooftop in London. The lighting design consultancy is launching a manufacturing company - Nulty Bespoke.

The Breaking Wave installation for John Lewis in York by Paul Nulty. Nulty’s new luminaire design and manufacturing company will mean that fixtures for projects will be able to be designed in-house.

Lighting design consultancy Nulty+ has launched a bespoke luminaire design and manufacturing company – named Nulty+ Bespoke – in response to growing demand for customised lighting pieces.

As lighting scheme designers for establishments such as the Royal Albert Hall and Harrods, Nulty+ often requires handcrafted alternatives to off-the-shelf fittings, in order to achieve a delicacy of detail and seamlessness between light and space. With Nulty+ Bespoke, the practice now has an official in-house division dedicated to creating just such fixtures when required.

Nulty+ Bespoke has also been designed as an effective solution for architects, interior designers and other lighting design practices who are increasingly demanding their own tailor-made fixtures. By employing world-class designers, sourcing the highest-quality materials and working with specialist manufacturers from around the world, the Nulty+ Bespoke team is able to produce  creative pieces.

Managing Director Trevor Morgan has 30 years’ experience in the lighting industry, where he’s worked at all stages of lighting and product design – from initial design conception and manufacture to installation and commissioning. ‘By scratching our own itch, we’re also able to provide our colleagues in the industry with the handcrafted and unique lighting fixtures they desire,’ Morgan commented.

Company founder Paul Nulty added, ‘Our experience in all aspects of the design, manufacturing and installation process mean we can create exquisite products on time and on budget – all while retaining continuous quality control.’

The launch of Nulty+ Bespoke follows a busy year for the company, and coincides with the practice’s fifth birthday. Since opening in 2011, Nulty has grown to become one of the UK’s largest lighting design practices, delivering high-end projects across the retail, hospitality, commercial and residential sectors within the UK and internationally. In early 2016, Nulty opened an office in Dubai to deliver its innovative lighting concepts within a market that continues to be progressive in its architectural and interior design aspirations.