Saturn LED latest to sign up to Lux fair warranties fight

Saturn LED has signalled its support for the Lux fight for fair warranties.

Saturn LED has become the latest company to sign up to Lux’s campaign for fair warranties. The firm agrees with us that many lighting industry warranties are currently unfair, misleading and fail to adequately protect customers.

Saturn LED sets an outstanding example when it come to its own warranties, but this is often unmatched in the wider sector and, in some cases warranties dramatically overstate the likely lifespan of their products.

A ten year warranty, for example, does not take into account the complications of long-term LED operation and wouldn’t be offered by a reliable company. Sometimes warranties do not match the performance claims found in the product’s data sheet and fail to address key concerns such as colour shift and lumen depreciation.

Saturn LED was launched in August 2013 and focuses on creating innovative and evolving quality LED products. Saturn has been keen to rally against the influx of cheap LED’s across the UK and Ireland and the company has adopted a clear stance on quality. The company offers a five-year warranty, which provides peace of mind for customers. 

Lux and Saturn LED both agree that:

  • The rights of a warranty should extend automatically to the end user
  • Warranties should match the performance claims of the data sheet, not undermine them
  • There should be no requirement to register with the manufacturer
  • There should be no annual restriction on burn hours
  • Warranty and traceability information be placed on the product

Saturn LED joins Greenlite and Pulsar as co-signatories to the Lux pledge.

You can find out more about the Lux campaign by clicking here. You can sign up to Lux’s fair warranties campaign by emailing

  • Warranites will be discussed at this year’s Lux Live, which will take place on the 23-24th of November 2016 at the Excel Centre in London. It’s free to attend and you can find out more here.