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Martinsville is first US speedway to go all LED

$5 million has been earmarked by the International Speedway Corporation to equip the track with LED lighting.
Martinsville Speedway is one of the shortest and oldest NASCAR tracks in the United States.

After nearly seven decades of automotive racing, the historic Martinsville Speedway is set to upgrade to LED lighting, making it the first major US motorsport track to do so. The new lighting will be installed following this year’s Goody’s Fast Relief 500 on October 30 and it is scheduled that the fixtures will be in place by January 2017.

Up to $5 million has been earmarked by the International Speedway Corporation to equip the track with LED lighting, which marks the largest ever capital investment in the Martinsville Speedway.

Martinsville is the shortest  at 0.526 miles and the oldest speedway (built in 1947)  to be used in NASCAR and the news has been greeted as a welcome development.

Eaton’s Ephesus Stadium 750 LED professional sports lights will be installed in the stadium.
‘Bringing lights to Martinsville Speedway is something that has been a priority for us,’ commented ISC President John Saunders. ‘But just like Martinsville, we wanted the lights for this project to be unique. They had to be of the highest-quality for both the competitors and the fans.’
The new fixtures will provide better illumination, greater flexibility and more efficiency than traditional metal halide lights.

In addition to enhancing the fan experience at Martinsville Speedway, LED lighting will also enhance the quality of the broadcast for fans watching at home. The lighting solution will consist of multiple structures located around the perimeter of the facility and the infield of the track.
‘To be able to light this track up when the sun goes down, that is going to be something truly special,’ said Martinsville Speedway president Clay Campbell. ‘Our fans have told us that they want lighting. We’re pleased to provide them with another amenity which will ensure Martinsville continues to be one of the premier destinations in motorsports.’