The Internet of Things and lighting: the end of the hype?

Is the IoT bubble about to burst?

The Gartner Hype Cycle describes what happens when our imaginations are captured by something new. First, we get tremendously over-excited, then a kind of impotent disillusionment kicks in until, some way down the track, there’s a reality check that means we can finally get some proper business done. Sounds very much like every international sports tournament we’ve ever been involved in.

The lighting industry has got used to the sound and the fury of our new neighbours in IoT Towers. We’ve had the yelling about how things will never be the same again, how everything that we’ve got is so much historical detritus compared to their driverless cars, smart kettles and robot vacuum cleaners, although – strangely – we’ve never seen the driverless car leave the garage and the robot vacuum cleaner has problems putting its accumulated treasures into the bin.

The real trick, if we’re going to take note of the Gartner cycle, is to minimise the time spent in the Trough of Disillusionment and head as smoothly as possible for the Slope of Enlightenment towards our ultimate aim….the Plateau of Productivity . . . Frodo.

Which brings us to what’s going on in our own house, the House of Light. We’ve been especially targeted by the IoT crew because of the ubiquity of our product; if lighting is everywhere then where else should the IoT data harvesters be other than piggy-backed onto it? The real question that’s remained unanswered thus far is: ‘What Happens Next?’

The Gartner Hype Cycle – through the Trough of Disillusionment, up the Slope of Enlightenment to the sunny uplands of the Plateau of Productivity.

What Happens Next?

On Wednesday 26 October at 1pm BST, Lux Review will be hosting a webinar on the topic:

IoT and Lighting: why this revolution will change everything

The webinar is sponsored by Aurora Lighting Ltd., one of the UK’s leading lighting brands to have embraced IoT technology through their association with Gooee. The webinar will be presented by Jack Rhodes, Commercial Analyst and Paul Taylor, Head of Product Design and Experience.

Any promise of a burgeoning relationship between the lighting industry and IoT must lie in the real-world benefits that the technology can bring. Luminaire and light source companies can benefit from IoT-based analysis of their products, across the entire performance spectrum from warranty validation to life-term performance recording; and that’s before we turn the focus around to what the end-users stand to gain from having an IoT-enabled environment.

The language of the IoT evangelists is hardening up. This is now all about creating more functionality within luminaire design; combining clear-cut, immediate, benefits inside the lighting hardware with the scope for future engagement as end-users become better acquainted with the software potentials for data harvesting within their businesses.

Join us for this exciting view into the real world of IoT and Lighting. You can register to listen by clicking here.