CoeLux generation 2 to launch at LuxLive

CoeLux attempts to physically rebuild the natural lighting process.

CoeLux’s artificial skylights have rocked the industry due to their convincing reproduction of sunlight. Now the company has chosen LuxLive for the global launch of CoeLux generation 2, which is comprised of a range of smaller, less costly fittings that will help bring the sunshine indoors.

We caught up with Paolo Di Trapani, the CEO of CoeLux at Lux’s Health and Wellbeing Conference and talked to him about some of the product’s many uses such as, surprisingly, on windowless airplanes.

Lux: What have you achieved with the creation of CoeLux?

CoeLux  is about to launch generation 2, which will feature smaller and more affordable products. 

We have tried to physically rebuild the natural lighting process. We have attempted to rebuild the sky, to recreate a material that diffuses light just as the sky does with sunlight in the atmosphere. We have also attempted to rebuild the sun, by creating a projector that mimics the spectrum and brightness of its light and the optics that allow us to perceive the sky and the sun at an infinite distance.

By rebuilding the physical mechanisms that happen in the atmosphere we have ended up with a product that allows people to feel the same as they do when they look up at the real sky.

We are now about to launch the next generation of CoeLux products which will be smaller and more affordable.

Lux: The smaller second generation products will no doubt widen the product’s uses, but are there any emerging markets that have surprised you so far?

Paolo Di Trapani, the CEO of CoeLux at the Lux Health and Wellbeing conference earlier in the year.

One of the most unforeseen markets is the transport industry. More and more airplane designers are intent on removing windows from the aircraft of the future.

Airbus, for example, have proposed eschewing windows in favour of creating sleek solar paneled jets that are made out of transparent polymers. A windowless plane would also be lighter and would consume less fuel.

Instead of windows, CoeLux could be used to recreate the atmosphere outside, within the cabin. (Lux: There has also been talk of using low-energy OLEDs that could use cameras to broadcast a panoramic view of the outside environment back inside the plane.)

Lux: What kind of buyer is CoeLux trying to attract, would you consider it to be more of a residential device, or something that could be used, for example, in hospitals or care homes?

The residential market has shown the most interest, but there has been interest from all aspects of the lighting market. The healthcare industry, for example, has to deliver comfort to patients and some healthcare experts think CoeLux could potentially have a positive impact on treatment and recovery times. There has also been interest shown from the retail industry because CoeLux is seen as being something that has the potential to increase footfall into stores by creating a more comfortable environment that people are happy to linger in.

Instead of windows, CoeLux could be used to recreate the atmosphere outside, within the cabin of a windowless plane.

CoeLux also has the ability to improve the showcasing of the goods themselves, creating a more fascinating presentation for potential customers.

Lux: In terms of healthcare is there any evidence that having CoeLux fitted on a hospital ward would speed up a patent’s recovery time?

We do not have any specific scientific evidence yet, but we are cooperating with hospitals in order to produce some statistics. We have psychological data and even physiological data on the capacity of people to relax and feel calmer when using CoeLux and this is something that can improve post-op recovery times.

There is also evidence from hospitals, such as from the psychological ward at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, where people who have a room on the sunny east side were found to recover 20 to 30 percent faster than those on the west side of the building. We hope to prove that a similar effect can be achieved with CoeLux.

To see CoeLux’s next generation of products drop by the CoeLux stand at this year’s LuxLive. CoeLux will be found on stand C42. The event will be held in  London on Wednesday 23 November and Thursday 24 November 2016.  Registration is free and you can find out more here.