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Vatican LED sets stage for late-night hymns

Osram were commissioned to install new lighting in St. Peter's Sqaure at the Vatican.

132 LED floodlights that jut out from Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s famous Tuscan colonnades at regular intervals.

St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City, the main focal point for Catholics worldwide, has received an LED make-over that will allow the faithful to sing long into the night.

The Vatican wanted the new lighting to have an illuminance level of 120 lux at night to enable the reading of hymn sheets during night-time events and celebrations.

Osram were commissioned to install the new lighting, which is comprised of 132 LED floodlights that jut out from Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s famous Tuscan colonnades at regular intervals.

The new Osram lighting installed amid the stone apostles and security cameras on the Vatican rooftops.

The famous colonnades were designed to represent the ‘maternal arms of Mother Church’ and the new lighting was designed to highlight the impressive architecture, while emphasizing the innate colour of the marble.

The new lighting, which is controlled via a DALI system, will offer an energy saving of up to 70 percent, news that will, no-doubt, come as a relief to the newly reformed Vatican Bank.

The St Peter’s Square project marks the second time that Osram has been invited to work within the hallowed ground of Vatican City. In 2013 the company was responsible for relighting the Sistine Chapel home to Michelangelo’s famous frescos.

And St Peter’s Square is not the only landmark to receive an LED makeover this week…

The Buenos Aires Obelisk has been lit with LED by GE.

The Buenos Aires Obelisk, which was built in just 31 days to celebrate the 400th birthday of the city has been bathed in multi-coloured LED light to mark its 80th year as an Argentinian icon. The new lighting will allow Buenos Aires to save up to 50 percent on energy costs.

48 ColorReach Powercore gen2 and RGB luminaires from Philips Color Kinetics have been installed on the monument, meaning that the structure can now be lit up to celebrate national occasions, special celebrations and sporting success.

The obelisk often become the centre point of national occasions, such as when the Argentina got to the final of the Word Cup in 2014