Li-fi demonstration to take place at LuxLive

A live demonstration of Li-fi will take place at this year's Lux Live.

Li-fi is a phenomenon waiting to happen. In the office of the near-future luminaires won’t just provide the light, they will also provide the internet connection.

Instillations of Li-fi in public spaces are spreading thick and fast. The Paris Metro is the biggest organisation to announce that it is planning to install the technology and schools, supermarkets and sports stadiums across the globe have signaled that they are planning to follow suit.

Trials are also currently underway with major retailers such as Carrefour and Target using light-based location technology to interact with shoppers’ smart phones. The systems under trail at the moment still need a separate connection to the internet via Wi-fi or either 3G or 4G, but adding Li-fi would make the process simpler, quicker and more responsive.

The term Li-fi was coined by Professor Harold Haas of pureLiFi and the technology is bi-directional, unlike visual light communication, or VLC, in which information is broadcast in one direction to devices.

LuxLive is your chance to see the power of the new technology in person. Nikola Serafimovski, of pureLiFi, the company that has developed the technology from birth, will be giving a live demonstration of the technology during the exhibition. He will also expand on the the opportunities for secure, high-bandwidth information delivery that the technology offers.

  • The live Li-fi demonstration will take place at 14:00 on Thursday the 24th of November in the IoT Arena at LuxLive. Registration is free and you can find out more here.