Sally Storey to battle hipster lighting at LuxLive

Manchester's Kosmonaut is a hipster hang-out, where squirrel-cage filament lamps and salvaged tiles and pipes are very much de rigueur.

The squirrel-cage filament lamp, hung jauntily from a braided cable, has long been a staple in new bars and pizzerias in the hipster haunts of London’s Shoreditch or Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The distressed industrial aesthetic trend has now gone nationwide, but every good thing has to come to an end.  

At this year’s LuxLive Sally Storey of Lighting Design International will look past the exposed brick and salvaged woodblock floors to what is coming next in hospitality lighting. 

The reassuringly warm glow of the incandescent lamp is difficult to replace. There have been attempts, a Toshiba candle lamp came awfully close some years ago, but on the whole LED is considerably less friendly.

Hold Fast in Manchester’s hipster friendly Northern Quarter, which is home to the odd squirrel-cage. 

Nevertheless, on the whole, interior design trends are starting to move away from the reclaimed industrial style that has dominated for the past decade or so. Simple, clean, serene and seamless interiors are becoming increasingly popular.  Warm, calming colors, natural textures and soft shapes are in demand as people seek sanctuaries from a busy world.

The conversation, which will take place in the Lux Arena, on November 23rd, will consider what can be used to replace industrial lighting in hospitality spaces, including bars, restaurants and hotel lobbies.

Filament lamps in use in one of trendy Shoreditch’s many coffee shops.

A panel of trendwatchers will join Sally for the discussion, including independent consultant Simon Cocks and Gary Lohan of One Aldwych, which boasts one of the most impressive modern hotel lobbies in central London, without a reclaimed industrial light fitting in sight. 

  • ‘The hipsters’ filament lamp is dead: the next big trends in hospitality lighting’ will take place on November 23 at 17:50 in the Lux Arena. LuxLive will be held in  London on Wednesday 23 November and Thursday 24 November 2016.  Registration is free and you can find out more here.