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Top ten high street heroes to be revealed at LuxLive

The new flagship Apple store on Regent Street in London reflects perfectly the sleekness of the Apple brand. (Pic: Nigel Young/Foster + Partners)

At this year’s LuxLive some of the industry’s best experts will gather to discuss who are the lighting saints of the British high street. In preparation we have compiled a list of who we think has the potential to make the cut on the day.

The speakers  who will make the final decision include Dave Tilley of NRGstar, Paul Nulty of Nulty+Phil Caton of PJC Light Studio and Richard Felgate of Enstrat. The experts will also discuss who’s creating excitement in retail lighting, and whose illumination is proving a turn-off to customers.

1) Lush

Michael Grubb Studio’s lighting scheme for Lush’s flagship store in Manchester’s Arndale shopping centre is an example of great lighting design and energy reduction coming together. The finished product exudes a homely and welcoming aura and Lush is set to recreate the Manchester rejuvenation in stores nationwide, adopting the new lighting design as part of their brand, an extraordinary jump for a company that has come to realise just how impactful lighting can be. The Studio aimed to create a more immersive lighting scheme for Lush, one that responded to the different types of products that are sold. The project has been met with public acclaim and has been nominated in the Retail Lighting Project of the Year Category at this year’s Lux Awards.

2) Iceland

In the summer of 2014 Iceland embarked on a mission to upgrade all their UK stores to LED lighting in a drive to reduce operational costs and reinvigorate their shops for customers. The company scoured the industry for fixtures, speaking to an array of lighting manufacturers searching for a suitable supply partner that had the required resource, experience and products to satisfy their needs. Dextra was commissioned to carry out the project and created and fitted a completely bespoke set of fixtures in stores nationwide. A massive project in scope, the fit-out has been nominated in the retail category at this year’s Lux Awards.

3) Apple

The interior of Apple’s stores always reflects perfectly the sleekness of the brand. The firm’s flagship Regent Street store reopened after a re-fit from Foster + Partners just last month and the new open and airy design puts an emphasis on community and entertainment. The interior, which features lines of planted trees, is lit by light boxes that extend the length of the ceiling, which matches perfectly with the white terrazzo floor and Castagna stone walls.

4) Selfridges

Selfridges on Oxford Street in London is the second largest store in the UK after Harrods and is over a century old. To survive that long in the cut and thrust world of British retail requires a knack for reinvention and a betrothal to anything new and cutting edge. In the creation of the new Body Studio segment of the labyrinth store, the business has overseen the instillation of LED for the first time, in a Lux Award nominated lighting scheme from Nulty+. The lighting needed to compliment the subdued luxury of the feminine and uncluttered interior aesthetic and each individual retail pocket within the space has required its own identity, mood and character. The illumination concept reinforces the design vision rather than dominating it and opts to create an intimate, calming and personal shopping experience for the customer, with a focus on making them look and feel beautiful.  

5) Fenwick

NDYLIGHT were commissioned to work with Fenwick to create a new ‘look good, feel better’ ground floor of their iconic department store at New Bond Street in London. The design aimed to create a retail experience that afforded shoppers the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of busy central London. The Lux Award nominated lighting scheme creates clearly defined areas within the store whilst highlighting the many individual brands that the store sells.

6) Waitrose

Waitrose has opened up a new store in London’s spruced up King’s Cross with a Lux Awards nominated lighting design by Edge Lighting. The new shop sits in a converted Grade II listed goods shed behind Kings Cross Station. The interior lighting had to be developed in a way that not only complemented the building structure and period features, but it also had to highlight the produce on sale. The lighting had to comply with the demands of heritage architecture whilst at the same time meeting the most recent building regulations in terms of energy in order to achieve a BREAM rating of ‘very good’. 

7) Wilko

Wilko’s nationwide LED roll-out spearheaded by Zumtobel was an epic undertaking, but one well worth the effort. Wilko is well known for procuring vacant or decommissioned shops for new stores with the aim of creating a greener footprint. Sustainability and energy efficiency are high on the company’s list of priorities and as a part of this, Wilko reviewed their existing lighting and decided to upgrade all their store’s fixtures to LED.

8) Tesco

Retail was one of the first sectors to start dabbling in LED lighting, because of the big energy savings that can be made by replacing electricity-guzzling halogen spotlights and Tesco was one of the pioneering retail giants to make the first jump.

9) Sainsbury’s

The supermarket giant recently took part in an award-winning £100 million LED lighting roll-out across all its UK stores. Rather than working with just one manufacturer, Sainsbury’s sought out solutions from nine LED lighting suppliers during the project, including Dextra, GE, Holophane, JCC, Lumenpulse AlphaLED, Nualight, Philips, Thorlux and Zumtobel.

10) H&M

H&M has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to reinvention and adaption to new technologies. When the store arrived on Australia’s shores last year, it did so in style with a vast, mostly LED-lit flagship store in the former General Post Office building in Melbourne. The building’s long history, and its 18 metre high ceiling, presented the design team with a challenge of respecting its heritage while ensuring that the fixtures were as easy to maintain as possible. This has was achieved mainly with linear LED luminaires, recessed from existing ceiling pockets, which focus the light down the central spine of the building’s beautiful three-storey glazed atrium.

  • High Street Heroes: From Apple to Zara will take place in the Lux Arena at 14:30 on Wednesday 23rd of November. Speakers will include Dave Tilley of NRGstar, Paul Nulty of Nulty+, Phil Caton of PJC Light Studio and Richard Felgate of Enstrat. The experts will discuss who’s creating excitement in retail lighting, and whose illumination is proving a turn-off to customers. The talk will reveal the top 10 retailers who are making lighting work.