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Ugly office lighting to be tackled at LuxLive

The ugly heavily louvred Cat 2 luminaire design was brought in to deal with reflections on computer screens.

A survey from respected pollsters Ipsos Mori found earlier in the year that a third of professionals dislike their office illumination. The response of the lighting community has been to get to work and at this year’s LuxLive office lighting will form a major plank of discussions in the LuxArena.

32 percent of workers told the Ipsos Mori researchers that they were unhappy with the light intensity in their place of a work and a fifth of respondents were unable to alter the light level in their office.

David Mudd of Lux TSI, Ge Hulsmans of eldoLED, Mark Vermeulen of Osram, Simon Robinson – chair of SLL Technical and Publication Committee will ask  ‘Why lighting’s a big headache –and how to fix it’ in the LuxArena at 12:20 on Wednesday the 23rd of November.

The talk will consider Flicker, glare, ceiling reflections, eyestrain and why lighting’s bad behaviour is getting worse and worse in offices up and down the land. Richard Taylor of Graphic Strategy will also consider how to eradicate these ills in order to avoid employee litigation.

UK offices still heavily feature Category 2 lights, which are recessed, deeply-louvred fittings designed to minimise the reflections on computer screens. Instead they often work to make office spaces gloomy and unattractive.

The Ipsos study was based upon a 12,000 people sample from 17 different countries. UK workers were found to be the least satisfied with their office lighting of the nationalities interviewed.

The study also appeared to add weight to the argument that local lighting control boosts employee engagement and satisfaction, as one of the biggest issues many had with their office lighting was their lack of control over it.

LED light panels installed in a much more modern looking office.

The situation is likely made worse in the UK as the nation is dominated by open-plan office design, which limits worker ability to control their own environment.

LuxLive will also consider some offices where the lighting has been done well and what lessons we can learn:

 Wednesday 23rd of November

 Office lighting best practice: Berghaus

The Whitecroft Tech Theatre

Speakers including Katie Greenyer of Pentland Brands and Paul Nulty of Nulty+ will discuss the newly refurbished headquarters of outdoor clothing supplier Berghaus, which combines striking, contemporary design with on-trend, efficient ‘statement’ lighting. The speakers will also consider the response of the lighting designers to the brief, and the integration of the lighting design into the interior concept.

 Is this Britain’s best-lit office?

Arena: The Whitecroft Tech Theatre 10:30am

Andrew Bissell of Cundall Light4 will imagine an office with lighting that is  focused on well being, tailored to each employee and where the lighting levels and colour temperature adjust to the natural environment. The office of Cundall Light4 in Manchester is just such an exemplar installation. Bissell will talk the through the design philosophy and technical execution of this best-practice project.

  • LuxLive will take place in London on Wednesday 23 November and Thursday 24 November 2016. Registration is free and you can find out more here.