Top ten things you must do at LuxLive this year

This year's LuxLive promises a pact agenda full of decision-makers and change-makers speaking on our many stages.

This year’s LuxLive is packed with events, talks, parties and seminars, so just how do you go about rooting through all the fruitful material to find the must-sees? Well, the answer is everything is a must-see, but we can point you in the direction of some areas of the show where you are likely to soak up the very best of what LuxLive has to offer. Here is our top ten things you simply must do at this year’s show.


1. Chamber of Horrors

To highlight the need for product quality and safety, Energima LED UK is curating a selection of some mad, bad and dangerous lamps and luminaires. Be afraid, be oh so very afraid…..





2) Dragons’ Den 

Dare you put your invention in front of six (fire-breathing) lighting experts? Based on the popular BBC TV show, this is always one of LuxLive’s most popular sessions. Will your product make the grade? Are riches beyond your wildest dreams just a moment away? Dragons will include Rupert Martin founder of Dextra and the event will take place in the Lux Arena on Wednesday 23rd of November.



3) Escape Zone 

If you have responsibility for managing a building’s emergency lighting, then you need to get yourself to the Escape Zone and learn about the latest innovations. You can find a full programme of two days packed full of emergency lighting content right here. Anything not mentioned about emergency lighting at this event just won’t be worth knowing. The Escape Zone promises to be definative. 




4) IoT Zone

The rise and rise of the Internet of Things has been the story of 2016, something which is set to continue next year. Just how far can we take it and can we make it safe from hackers? The IoT revolution is already happening all around us and if you’re not all caught up then you’re going to get left behind. Luckily this year LuxLive has an arena entirely devoted to IoT. You can find the programme here



5) Li-fi demonstration

Li-fi is the transmission of data, including the internet, over LED lighting and it’s going to change the world as well as the industry. See a demonstration at 2pm on Thursday in the IoT Arena.





6.  Bad Lighting Awards 

Gordon Routledge and his panel of grumpy old men cast a badly-aimed spotlight on those who are getting it all wrong. 6.50pm in the Lux Arena.





7. Live Hacking 

At this year’s Lux Live ethical hacker Ken Munro of Penetration testing will give a live demonstration of just how vulnerable connected lighting products are to attack. Munro is increasingly becoming a figurehead for improved cyber-security in the UK and has recently appeared on the BBC News at 10 warning about the risks lax online safe-guards.


8) Lux Arena 

This is where all the big debates, major presentations and keynote addresses happen. All the major players, decision-makers and change-makers in the industry will appear here over a two day period. Make sure you catch some of the action, it’s your opportunity to make a date with the creme de la creme of the industry. You can see the full line-up here.



9) Lux Arena party 

The lighting industry likes to party! Network with colleagues, clients and exhibitors at this and other drinks parties taking place on Wednesday night from 6pm.





10)  lightspace dot london arena

If design is your thing, the lightspace dot london arena will provide plenty of inspiration about lighting and architecture. You can view the full line-up here.





  • LuxLive will take place in London on Wednesday 23 November and Thursday 24 November 2016. Registration is free and you can find  out more here.