LuxLive to ask is tech moving too fast for standards?

The speed at which new technology is being developed may leave emergency standards in the dust.

At this year’s LuxLive we are going to be looking into the tea-leaves and considering what is going to be the future of emergency lighting technology.

This year, LuxLive has an entire arena devoted to emergency lighting called the Escape Zone, which will offer two full days of instruction, debate and discussion on the topic.

The development of lighting technology is moving so quickly, with the rise and cemented domination of LED only just complete, the industry is now moving on to the Internet of Things and new wiring protocols such as power over Ethernet.

Paul Meenan of Transport for London will be discussing the future of emergency technology at this year’s LuxLive.

‘The development of new technology is moving at such a pace and we need to catch-up’ Paul Meenan, an electrical and mechanical engineer at Transport for London (TfL) and Escape Zone panellist, told Lux Magazine.

‘Technology is becoming smaller and smarter and this means that emergency standards are going to have to be completely re-written.’

The development of the Internet of Things as a concept within the lighting industry is moving just as quickly if not more so than the revolutionary fervor that swept the industry in the early days of LED, however experts are concerned that not enough thought is being given to how these devices will react in an emergency, such is the speed to get them to market.

‘LED has grown at a dangerous rate, despite the many wonderful aspects that the technology brings in terms of creativity, but there are still problems, such as glare and the risks glare poses’ Meenan added.

With emergency standards still reacting to LED they will presumably have to be updated again to respond to more recent technological developments such at the Internet of Things.

Other issues within the emergency lighting sphere that will be discussed include the moving of emergency lighting fixtures to lower levels within a room and the development of wider standards that take in bigger swathes of the industry. The Escape Zone will also consider legal requirements, automatic testing and managing emergency lighting on large estates. 

You can see the programme for the Escape Zone here. 

  • Emergency Lighting: Ask the experts will take place on Wednesday 23rd of November at 1100 in the Escape Zone. Speakers will include Adrian Spicer Business Development Director of Liteplan, Greg Smith of Liteplan and Paul Meenan of TfL. The expert panel will answer common emergency lighting questions from selecting the right light level and signage to luminaire conversions and special situations such as indirect lighting




  • What’s the future of emergency tech? Will take place at 14:10 in the Escape Zone, featuring Ian Watts of Hochiki and Paul Meenan of TfL. The panel will discuss the advent of LED, IoT and new wiring protocols such as power over ethernet means emergency lighting is creating a race to keep up. In this debate, our panel looks at these changes and what the future holds for emergency lighting. Panelists include Paul Meenan of TfL and Ian Watts of Hochiki.


  • LuxLive will take place in London on Wednesday 23 November and Thursday 24 November 2016. Registration is  free and you can find  out more here.