LuxLive to profile first Li-fi office

pureLiFi, in cooperation with Lucibel, is installing li-fi at the headquarters in La Defence, Paris, of Sogeprom.

The first office in the world where the internet is provided by the lighting will be profiled at next week’s LuxLive event in London.

The instillation is being set-up by Lucibel, in cooperation with Scottish company pureLiFi, at the headquarters in Paris of Sogeprom, the property arm of French bank Societe Generale.

‘The project will be the world’s first true li-fi solution providing high speed bi-directional, up-link and down-link communications, as well as providing networking abilities. People will be able to take a Skype video call and move from one light to another without that conference call being interrupted,’ Nikola Serafimovski director of business strategy at pureLiFi told Lux Review.

The HQ of of Sogeprom, the property arm of French bank Societe Generale, which will soon feature li-fi.

Serafimovski worked with major companies in the area of Li-Fi technology and commercialisation, leading the creation and cultivation of the Li-fi ecosystem, marketing, sales and standardisation.

pureLiFi is stressing that the technology is true bi-directional lifi. Employees at the company will use a special dongle inserted into their computers and will receive the internet via visible light from the LED fixtures, uploading data via an infrared back channel.

‘This is full bi-directional communication using light as well as the ability to move from one light to another and have multiple users connected to the same light, but getting different data streams is really the definition of true li-fi.

The basic difference between li-fi and general visible light communication is that li-fi is defined as being a high speed bi-directional network using light. General visible light communication can be one way and broadcast only.

Frequently though these two terms are mixed up by people who are talking about li-fi but in reality they are talking about visible light communication. So many of the deployments that some people refer to as li-fi are in fact visible light communication, where there is not that uplink present. Visible light communication can work with dongles or it can be made to work with ordinary camera phones using optical camera communication. Li-fi is high speed bi-directional network mobile communication using light,’ Serafimovski concluded.

  • Project Uncovered: World’s first LiFi office, Paris will take place in the IoT Arena at 12:00 on the 23rd of Novemeber. You can find out more details about the IoT here and you can register to attend LuxLive here.