LIA to unveil controversial surveillance scheme at LuxLive

Testing luminaires at Martech in Dewsbury, Yorkshire. Pic: Clare Instruments

In an unprecedented move January 2017 will see the Lighting Industry Association’s (LIA) membership commit to the random inspection and testing of their products.

The CEO of the LIA, Steven Davies, will be unveiling more about the new scheme at a talk at this year’s LuxLive.

The idea behind the new process is to create a way of differentiating between the best products available and those that lag behind, a process that Davies compares to the drug testing of athletes at the Olympic Games. 

It is hoped that the initiative will bring a level of clarity to the industry by giving the supply chain the confidence that buying from LIA members means that they are investing in products of undeniable quality. 

‘We relaise that the LIA cannot influence the rest of the companies in the industry that are not members, unless we get our own house in order first,’ Davies told Lux Magazine.

The product inspections will be carried out at random and the organisation intends to make sure that no products are taken directly from manufacturers, but are instead acquired from the product chain itself. 

Qualified laboratory engineers will put the chosen products through their paces at the LIA’s UKAS accredited laboratory and the results will be compiled into an annual ‘State of the Industry’ report.


‘We relalise that the LIA cannot influence the rest of the companies in the industry that are not members unless we get our own house in order first.’ 

Steven Davies  – CEO of the LIA 

Davies is at pains to make plain that this is not a ‘naming and shaming’ process that is being developed, however there will be repercussions if a product receives a bad review.

‘There will be an end sanction, companies that fail to respond to any criticism made will be expelled from the organisation,’ Davies added.

‘This process should be considered as a serious attempt to create a real differential to ensure the market has access to compliant and quality lighting products.’

The participation of members in the initiative becomes a mandatory condition to their membership of the association as of January 2017.

‘These are exciting times for our industry with its continued technological advances and the LIA is standing tall to ensure we stay ahead of the curve,’ Davies concluded. 

  • Policing the Industry: The LIA’s role – will take place at 9:50 on Wednesday the 23rd of November in the . To further differentiate LIA Members in the lighting industry, from January 2017, LIA Members have agreed to be subject to random product inspection. Each year, the LIA will invest over £150k in testing members products against safety and performance criteria. 
  • LuxLive will take place in London on Wednesday 23 November and Thursday  24 November 2016 you find out more and register to attend here