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RCL fixtures light Lux Award’s glittering new venue

The Arora Ballroom at the he Intercontinental London: The O2 features light fittings from RCL.

This year’s Lux Awards will take place at The Intercontinental London: The O2, which opened in January this year. Located on the Greenwich Peninsula, next door to the iconic O2 arena, the nautical themed hotel, which brings to mind the elegant ocean liners of the Twenties and the novels of F.Scott Fitzgerald, boasts five restaurants and bars.

The ceremony itself will take place in the Arora Ballroom, a 32,300 sq.ft space, which is one of the largest pillar-free rooms in Europe and capable of seating over 1000 people.

Lighting is a very important feature in the ballroom and the technology was provided by RCL. Flexibility was required to suit the plethora of events that the space will host and it was decided that installation of RCL’s 330 DR7 recessed luminaries would provide what was needed.

The DR7s offer full pan and tilt control from ground level, giving the team at the InterContinental the ability to precisely aim the beam of the fixtures. Despite this flexibility, there are no protruding elements below the ceiling plane, ensuring the surface remains clear.  

‘With the 35-degree tilt of the DR7 and complete pan rotation, there’s a great deal of flexibility in where the venue can direct light from the floor, yet the low-profile finishing allows for a discreet appearance,’ Matthew Nourse, project manager at RCL, commented on the project.

The DR7s were supplied with 2700K LEDs, providing a warmth and richness to the lighting that offers intimacy despite the vast space.

The RCL fixtures are configured to work with the iLight DMX lighting system from Eaton and the luminaires can be refocused to suit each individual event, with pre-set scenes also available. 

The choice of control protocol reflected the desire to configure all elements of the scheme centrally, removing the operational cost of subsequent refocusing, allowing the ballroom to move seamlessly from hosting one event to another. The DR7 luminaires are also synced with other light sources in use throughout the ballroom, including RGB LED strips for cove lighting.

The DR7s were supplied with 2700K LEDs, providing a warmth and richness to the lighting that offers intimacy despite the vast space. The fixtures also feature high colour rendering (90+CRI), which is perfect for revealing the true colours of subjects within the ballroom. With a six degree optic, the DR7s also offer an extremely narrow beam, which is ideal for spotlighting the centre of banqueting tables, despite the high installation point. 

‘Working closely with iLight, we’ve been able to deliver a solution for the InterContinental O2 that can quickly recall scenes for common layouts, but still offer the flexibility that allows for fine-tuning to adjust to the intricacies of every single event set-up that the InterContinental will require.

With the DMX synchronisation, the luminaires can be controlled to match both the functional need of the Arora, as well as co-ordinate with the required ambience for any given event,’ Nourse concluded.