Top ten products you simply must see at LuxLive

LuxLive is an Aladdin's cave of great products, but if you can only see a few, make it these

Today we are marking your card with ten outstanding innovations in luminaires and control gear that you simply must catch at this year’s LuxLive exhibition in London. The show is an Aladdin’s Cave of great products, but if you only have time to see a few, make it these.

LuxLive will be held at the Excel Centre between the 23rd and the 24th of November and you can find out more and register to attend right here.



1)  Generation 2 

CoeLux : Stand C42

CoeLux has rocked the industry with incredible artificial skylights. Now the company has chosen LuxLive for the global launch of generation 2: a range of smaller, less costly fittings that will help bring the sunshine indoors. Take a look at our interview with Paolo Di Trapani, the CEO of CoeLux here.



2) Cells 

Reggiani : Stand E48

The urban bulkhead as reimagined by acclaimed lighting designers Speirs + Major, Cells boasts a huge range of optics, coloured inserts and finishes. Its groovy looks will also earn it a place in interiors, we have no doubt.




3) FL100 

GVA : Stand B26

Compact but powerful LED projector boasts 9,200 lumen output and 360 degree horizontal rotation and 240 degree vertical rotation. It’s a through-wire design with dedicated input and output connectors for all models. Custom LED colour combinations available.




4) Axia 2

Schréder : Stand D4

The Axia 2 range, which builds on the strength of the original and popular Axia luminaire, is designed to be the ultimate multipurpose luminaire, providing a cost effective, low-energy LED fixture for road, street and pedestrian areas.




5) LED luminaires 

Corvi : Stand E18

If Apple made LED bulkheads and downlights, they would look like this. Indian lighting manufacturer Corvi arrives in Europe at LuxLive, bringing with it its superbly engineered and beautifully stylish luminaires.





6) Prismaspace 

Holophane : Stand H16

High-efficiency LEDs are combined with Holophane’s durable prismatic optics to deliver unparalleled uniformity. This is one of the best in class when it comes to adaptable lighting solutions.



7) Lateralo Plus

Trilux : Stand J36

No visible power cord, transparent when off, superbly comfortable when illuminated, an efficiency of 110 lm/W…what not to like about  the ultra low-profile Lateralo? We want them in our office….







8) EyeNut Combined Emergency Control Gear 

Harvard Technology : Stand K2

Instead of sending someone out to a building to do the monthly mandatory test on an emergency lighting installation, why not do it from the comfort of your desktop computer? That’s what this cool tech offers…




9) P862

CU Phosco : Stand G26

This outdoor LED luminaire boasts top metrics in optical performance and thermal management, and a low profile wind area so it can be retrofitted on existing columns. It’s also eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme.




10) Shuffle 

Schreder : Stand D4

A street light from the future, the Shuffle packs loads of tech into its slim profile. It can include wifi, sensors, cameras, electric car charging points, you name it…it even illuminates streets and pavements.




  • LuxLive will take place in London on Wednesday 23 November and Thursday 24 November 2016. Registration is free and you can  find  out more here.