World’s first live li-fi test takes place at LuxLive

Li-fi could help to contain the worsening internet security crisis

A video has been played on a tablet via a li-fi internet connection at LuxLive, the first such demonstration in the world in a live setting.

The test was carried out in front of a live audience by Doctor Harald Burchardt, one of the key figures at pureLiFi, the Scottish company that is attempting to bring safe and secure li-fi to the world.

‘Wireless communication is lacking frequency,’ Dr. Burchardt’s commented. ‘Li-fi technology has the ability to widen the capacity of our wireless communication options.’

The Li-fi system was connected to a tablet via USB and when Dr. Burchardt stood directly beneath the Power over Ethernet adapted stage lights, a li-fi network was quickly detected.

You can find out more about how li-fi works here.

When the Doctor walked away from the light though, the signal started to fade quickly, suggesting it still only has a short range.

‘Every light has a limited amount of coverage,’ Dr. Burchardt clarified. ‘Each fixture offers a range of sixty degrees and seven to eight square metres. The use of multiple li-fi luminaires will act to widen the available amount of coverage to users.’

‘Li-fi is a secure, electromagnetic interference free solution, that cobines the security of a wired internet connection with the flexibility of wi-fi.’ 

Nikola Serafimovski – pureLifi

Burchardt commented during his talk in the IoT Arena at LuxLive, that he does not consider li-fi to be a replacement to wi-fi, but wished it instead to be viewed as a ‘secure extension to already available layers of communication.’

Nikola Serafimovski, also a senior member of the team at pureLiFi, updated the audience on one of the company’s first office li-fi instillations, currently being fitted over several floors of the Sogeprom HQ in La Defence in Paris.

Serafimovski opted to highlight security as one of the principle virtues of the technology, an especially seductive boast in a world beset by worsening data hacks.

‘Li-fi is a secure, electromagnetic interference free solution, that combines the security of a wired internet connection with the flexibility of wi-fi’ Serafimovski commented.

‘Li-fi is not a silver bullet that solves all internet security issues,’ Serafimovski added, but it does help to improve encryption, which will deter snoopers.’ 

Serafimovski also touched on the speed of li-fi, which has been rumoured to offer faster rates than wi-fi.

‘Li-fi is theoretically quicker than wi-fi but only in a lab at the moment,’ the expert clarified. ‘It has the capacity to be even quicker in the future.’

When pressed both Serafimovski and Dr. Burchardt opted to remain tight lipped on whether or not Apple had any plans to jump on the technology and include it in a future iphone model.