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Theresa May’s former school gets LED make-over

Theresa May's school in Oxford has received an LED makeover
Theresa May said at one of her first PMQs that it was going to grammar school that had got her to where she is today.

Wheatley Park School in Oxforshire, which sits on the site of Holton Park Girls’ Grammar School, where UK Prime Minister Theresa May, then Theresa Brasier, sat her GCEs, has just received an LED re-fit.

It is well know that May is very proud of her grammar school roots. In fact she famously said, in one of her first appearances at Prime Minister’s Questions that it was her school that ‘got her where she is today.’

The school made use of a leasing scheme, operated by lighting specialist Energys Group and Utility Rentals, to undertake the upgrade, one of a number of schemes that is helping schools across the UK with the cost of making the journey from traditional lighting to LED.

The school is no stranger to the benefits of energy efficient lighting, having engaged Energys Group five years ago to undertake  a successful retrofit conversion of fluorescent T8 tubes to energy-efficient T5s.

With the T5 adapters coming to the end of their life, Energys proposed an LED upgrade using the latest technology from New Vision, that would bring significant benefits in terms of energy consumption and lighting quality.

Encompassing both indoor and outdoor areas, the installation resulted in new LED lighting being brought to classrooms, offices, science labs, workshops, common areas, science labs and the drama block.

Remarkably, the fit-out was completed in just over one week, but the benefits are set to be long-lasting, with annual energy savings expected to be £8.5k, while maintenance costs are expected to be reduced by £4k.