Top 10 videos of the year

This year Lux dared to reveal what the industry is really thinking

What a year 2016 has been in lighting. From the rise and rise of the Internet of Things to Amazon drones landing on top of streetlights. From the introduction of circadian lighting into school classrooms to the Lux Awards and LuxLive. Here are our top ten picks of video stories that we have featured during a year of change for the lighting industry.


10) Could Pokemon Go change lighting?

The summer of 2016 was dominated by two things, Brexit and Pokemon Go. If you were not spending the summer either celebrating or mourning the UK’s unexpected decision to leave the European Union, then you were probably dashing about town catching Squirtles and Snorelaxes on your smart phone. We reported how augmented reality, the technology behind 2016’s hit app, could take the lighting industry by storm.


9) Amazon drones to dock on street lights 

Another gem from a summer of madness. In July it was announced that Amazon had been granted a US patent to create drone docking stations as standalone structures fixed to the top of streetlights. It had been known for some time that the company planned to use drones to deliver packages, but up until the summer the gritty detail of their proposal had remained something of a mystery. Streetlight  manufacturers have reportedly met the the idea with a healthy degree of skepticism.


8) Welcome to the restaurant where you control the lighting

In August we reported on a development in restaurant illumination that gives control of the lighting to diners. The development allows patrons of a restaurant in Washington State in the US to create a lighting scheme that suits the evening they want, be it a romantic date or a bombastic office night out.


7) How to protect the lighting specification 

Independent lighting designer Regina Santos on how she protects the lighting specification from product substitution. Santos was one of the key-note speakers at LuxLive Middle East which was held in April 2016. 



6) Lux interviews Acuity Brands’ management team

Lux Review’s Ray Molony talks to the Acuity Brands’ management team about their recipe for financial success in the lighting world. Vernon Nagel, CEO, Acuity Brands Inc.; Stephen Lydecker, senior vice president of lighting solutions; and George McIlwraith, senior vice president of global sales spoke about their strategy and buisness plan.


5) Superyacht maker unveils dynamic lighting

Despite the economic ups and downs of 2016 and the sometimes stunning developments on the world stage the rich continued to get richer this year. In May we took a look at the dramatic lighting treatment given to the impressive 90m long Moonstone superyacht . The interior design was completed by Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design and Oceanco.


4) School installs experimental lighting to improve grades

Circadian lighting and its use in classrooms has been one of the key areas of debate in 2016. Earlier in the year and at LuxLive we asked ‘are we experimenting on school children?’ when it comes to using the lighting in the classroom. Its virtues may be debatable, but there are concrete examples of its beneficial properties, not least at a school in Malmo in Sweden as we found out in October.


3) Lux Awards winners revealed

The best lighting products and projects were recognised at the 2016 Lux Awards in London. The Awards were presented in front of 850 lighting professionals at a gala event at the O2 InterContinental on the final night of LuxLive 2016 and we were there to talk to all the lucky winners.


2) LED attracts fewer insects, study finds 

A study completed by academics at Bristol University found that LEDs attract significantly less insects than other light sources. The discovery could be very beneficial to nations in South America and Africa, which are fighting mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika and malaria.


1) The lighting industry: What we’re REALLY thinking

It was the run away hit of the Lux Awards. The acting talents of Team Lux were put to the test in this special video which gets behind the scenes of a lighting project to reveal the true motivations of the main players. The Lux Players included Gordon Routledge, Robert Leeming,  Alan Tulla, Ray Molony and Mark Faithfull. The BAFTA nominations are no doubt in the post.