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Top 10 products at LuxLive

The new generation of CoeLux impressed at LuxLive.

With over 200 companies exhibiting at this year ‘s LuxLive, it would have been a tricky task to see everything that the show had to offer.  But worry not if you fear that you might have missed a gem. Here are what we consider to be the best of the bunch, the cream of the crop, from this year’s event.



Lateralo Plus – Trilux

With no visible power cord, the Lateralo is also transparent when switched off. Superbly comfortable when illuminated and featuring an efficiency of 110 lm/m, we were quickly impressed by this ultra low-profile product.





Orion by Plessey 

Plessey unveiled its extended range of ultra-slim Orion LED modules at LuxLive. The beam forming technology, with new beam angles, is open to a wider range of applications in industrial and architectural lighting design. Modules deliver a compact 3000 lumen beam from a tiny module which can be as little as 5.6mm thick.





FL100 by GVA  

Compact but powerfu, thisl LED projector boasts 9,200 lumen output , 360 degree horizontal rotation and 240 degree vertical rotation. It is a through-wire design with dedicated input and output connectors for all models. Custom LED colour combinations are also available.





Vexica – Flo

Vexica’s can bring creative illumination into a space without a bespoke fixture needing to be designed from scratch. Using a Vexica software control system and remote LED driver, each luminaire uses two universes of data per unit per driver output. 





Meyer – Superlight Compact

The Superlight Compact floodlight series has been a standard instrument in lighting design ever since its introduction 30 years ago. Over the years the range of floodlights has been expanded and modified for new light sources. The range has now been adapted to make use of the latest generation of very small, high performance LED modules. Superlight Compact LED is a small, high performance floodlight range with all the advantages of the classic series.




 P862 – CU Phosco

This outdoor LED luminaire boasts top metrics in optical performance and thermal management, and a low profile wind area so it can be retrofitted on existing columns. It’s also eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme.




Cells by Reggiani

The urban bulkhead as reimagined by acclaimed lighting designers Speirs + Major, Cells boasts a huge range of optics, coloured inserts and finishes. Its groovy good looks will also earn it a place in interiors, we have no doubt.




Shuffle by Shreder

The Shuffle is a street light from the future and packs loads of tech into its slim profile. It can include wifi, sensors, cameras, electric car charging points, you name it…it even illuminates streets and pavements. There are even plans to put the fixture on wheels so it can be used at outdoor events such as music festivals.




EyeNode by Harvard

Due in 2017, EyeNode is the latest evolution of Harvard’s EyeNut wireless control and management solution, delivering a convergence of indoor and outdoor lighting controls from one user interface for the first time. Operating via a ZigBee protocol, the EyeNode will provide an impressive solution for close proximity lighting installations. Harvard also used the show to unveil LeafNut Smart City, which will enable LeafNut to act as the network backbone for Smart City infrastructure.  




Generation Two by Coelux 

CoeLux has rocked the industry with incredible artificial skylights and the company opted to use LuxLive as a global launchpad for its sleek generation 2: a range of smaller, less costly fittings that will help bring the sunshine indoors.