Lighting fixture design conference programme launched

The internet of things is changing the lighting industry and you need to stay ahead of the curve.

The speaker programme for Lux’s two-day Lighting Fixture Design Conference has been launched. The gathering will take place at the Cavendish Centre in central London on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 February 2017. 

The LED revolution has concluded, prices are falling and the industry’s attention is turning to the digital world, to the internet of things and smart cities.

This curated and timely conference will help lighting industry professionals to map out a strategy for the new digital lighting world and help them to take advantage of the changing scene.

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Speakers at the conference will include a number of trend-setters and decision-makers in an industry that is changing fast. The renowned architectural lighting designer Dean Skira will offer the keynote address at the event. Skira is the designer of a number of ground-breaking luminaires including the iGuzzini Trick and will discuss the best ways to create luminaires with unbreakable specifications.

Mark Sutton Vane of Sutton Vane Associates will discuss what can be learnt from other industries that have undergone technological revolutions, while ethical hacker, Ken Munro, will lay bare just how easy it is to conduct a cyber attack on IP-based lighting equipment and how best to protect against it.

An entire session on the second day of the conference will be devoted to the internet of things, a development that is taking  the industry by storm. The conference will consider how indoor positioning could change the way we shop and how the technology could be embedded into luminaires. The opportunities that visible light communications present to the industry will also be discussed.

More and more cities are queuing up to join the smart city revolution and this presents a number of opportunities for the lighting industry. Lighting will form the backbone of a city’s smart network and local authorities are going to be turning to the industry to help them to make their smart city dreams a reality. 

The conference will consider the best ways to take advantage of these new markets as they emerge. The growing human-centric lighting industry and the booming horticulture market will also be discussed as well as the growing potential of UV lighting.

You can see a full programme for the event here


Hear Dean Skira on the challenge facing lighting manufacturers:


  • The Lighting Fixture Design Conference will take place in London on the 21 to 22 of February 2017 at the Cavendish Centre . You can find out more about the event here and you can register to attend by clicking here.