Lux webinar explores ways to market to lighting buyers

Gordon Routledge, co-founder of Lux, has spent the last 6 years working at the coalface of the lighting media sector.

Lighting professionals are becoming increasingly hard to reach in an age where email communication is being devalued.

What are the reasons for this and how can those wishing to market into the lighting arena develop a message that buyers will want to hear and be engaged by?

In a special one-off webinar, Lux co-founder Gordon Routledge, will share his learnings and insights from 6 years working at the very heart of the disrupted lighting industry media sector.

The discussion will  be held on the 11th of January at 1 pm GMT and you can register to attend by clicking here.

The webinar will offer advice on the best ways to create creative content that leverages a brand upwards and casts it in the most positive light.

The most effective ways to get maximum exposure of your content, for within your marketing spend, will also be considered. 

As well as this the five big lighting trends that Lux is predicting for 2017 will also be revealed and discussed.

The content of the discussion will be geared towards marketing and sales professionals in the lighting industry, business development directors, communications professionals, sales departments and CEOs and decision makers.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, the 11th of January at 1 pm GMT, 7am in Cental America, 5pm in  Dubai and 10pm Hong Kong. You can register to listen by clicking here.