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How to Light: Does a retrofit lamp exist for G9 halogen lamps?

Question: Does a suitable retrofit lamp exist for G9 Halogen lamps?

G9 Halogen capsule lamps are generally used for display and accent light fixtures to provide an extremely compact light source. They are manufactured from UV stop glass, which negates the need for additional UV protection and they are generally available in four sizes, namely 18/28/33 and 42W to provide a variety of light levels. 

Only recently have suitable LED options become available in a similar size to the G9 Halogen lamps.  A 2.5W LED G9 will give 210 lumens, and features the same output as an 18W Halogen lamp, providing enough light for basic tasks. With LED there is no possible chance that UV will fade fabrics or works of art for instance. Larger wattages do exist, but this does change the overall size of the lamp, so for any retrofit projects you would have to ensure that they will fit the existing fitting.

A typical LED G9 Halogen lamp alongside a typical bookshelf fixture 

Generally these lamps are used in multiples within one fitting and the major benefit of LED is that the overall combined heat output is significantly lower than halogen. LED’s are extremely efficient so they convert more heat into useful light (you wouldn’t normally use this type of lamp as the main light source in a room).  Size is an important factor as many decorative fittings use a ‘shade ring’ of 19mm. So it is always best to use a lamp with a smaller diameter to ensure the correct fit. 

With technology moving at a rapid pace, the latest development on the market are LED chips which are being used to reduce the overall size of the lamp, making them even smaller.  Dimmable options are also available, with some lamps dimming as low as 10 percent which makes them controllable for smart lighting applications.

Question answered by: Adrian Kitching – managing director at Crompton Lamps