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Flexible and smart: TrustSight Gen2 – Philips Technology

The TrustSight Gen2 from Philips Technology

It is not a very well known fact, in the UK, that Philips Technology has almost 60 years’ of experience in developing emergency lighting, knowledge the company gained when it aquired Philips Bodine, a market leader in emergency lighting in North America.

‘With emergency lighting more and more in the news and working its way up the agenda of lighting experts, we understand how important performance, reliability and absolute safety are when specifying emergency components,’ Peter Earle, business development manager at Philips Technology, told Lux.

Philips TrustSight Gen2 – Safety and peace of mind

‘By building on the knowledge and experience of our colleagues at Philips Bodine our European experts have been able to bring to market a product portfolio that perfectly complements our existing product ranges,’ Earle added.

Philips TrustSight LED Emergency drivers and batteries are a failsafe solution. A simple choice if you design or manufacture fixtures for indoor applications that do not have emergency power as a back up for their lighting.

The TrustSight Gen2 from Philips  is ‘flexible, reliable and smart’, says  Peter Earle, business development manager at Philips Technology in the UK.

‘The launch of Gen2 of the TrustSight range into the UK and around the world is a major step forward for us in providing a complete LED system solution for our OEM customers,’ Earle told Lux Magazine.  ‘The system is reliable, flexible and smart.’


TrustSight LED emergency systems have flexibility whilst keeping things simple. The future-proof design works with almost all the latest generation LED drivers and modules, however the smart system is optimised to work with Xitanium LED drivers with Fortimo LED linear and point systems. The dedicated systems support point LED sources (15 – 55V) and linear LED sources (20 – 95V).

The genuine 21mm linear driver heights and small dimensions are easy to design into a wide range of applications from downlights and linear fixtures to square or high bay solutions. The fixture is easy to install and configure, saving valuable time, whilst reducing installation costs.


The systems promise reliable battery and charge management with a driver lifetime of 70,000 hours at Tcase (temperature of the case) 70 degrees. To guarantee a battery duration of three hours minimum and four year operation at high temperatures, the NiMH batteries comply with all European norms. Specially designed for emergency lighting there is short-circuit and open load protection. They are also charged and discharged via proven technologies.

Smart system performance at a glance

– Insulated 15-55 V LED load output or 20-95 V LED 

– Suitable for parallel, series and hybrid configuration

– Battery replacement possible with mains voltage 

–  Constant power output

A complete range

‘As a company we can offer our customers any technology they need; conventional lamps, tubes, LED systems, controls and connected solutions,’ Earle concluded. ‘Now we can offer them a complete range of emergency drivers and battery chemistries too.’