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How will lighting make cities smarter?

In advance of our Lighting Fixture Design Conference, this week’s Lux Today is a smart cities special. How is lighting improving our urban environments? Why are more and more cities adopting smart technology? And why does the lighting industry need to move quickly to take advantage of this new innovation? Lux Today 14 February 2017.


  • The LED revolution has concluded, prices are falling and the industry’s attention is turning to the digital world, to the internet of things and smart cities. Lux’s curated and  timely Lighting Fixture Design Conference will help lighting industry  professionals to map out a strategy for the new digital lighting world and help them to take advantage of the changing scene. The event will take place in London on the 21 – 22 of February 2017 at the Cavendish Centre . You can find out more about the event here and you can register to attend by clicking here.