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LED deemed too modern for traditional British town

Ludlow, in Shropshire, has a host of old buildings in its historic centre.

The historic town hall in Ludlow, once praised by the poet, Sir John Betjeman as ‘probably the loveliest town in England.’

A new ‘heritage style’ street lamp is being designed for the historic streets of Ludlow, a town in the UK county of Shropshire.

The new design comes in response to concerns raised by the local civic society that the new lights would not fit in with Ludlow’s historic town centre.

The town, which is a conservation area, features many Georgian, Tudor and medieval era structures. The poet, Sir John Betjeman, once famously described Ludlow as ‘probably the loveliest town in England.’

The council has already applied LED upgrades to 12 percent of street lighting across Shropshire, but opposition in Ludlow had brought the project to a grinding halt.

The council will now enter into discussions with interested principal town bodies to agree a new heritage style of lamp standard to be installed throughout the conservation areas in the town.

For the outlying areas of the town the council will install a new modern style, resulting in a greatly improved streetscape, that will do away with the mish-mash of styles.

Any lights which fail between now and the date of the full upgrade will be replaced by new LED lights. The council will inform in advance of replacement works by erecting notices on lighting columns with contact details for local residents should they have any queries