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Lux to investigate UV at fixture design conference

UV light can be used to prevent infection, something that could improve the health crisis in the Third World.


A UV expert will consider the possibilities of UV lighting at next week’s Lighting Fixture Design conference in central London. UV can be used for a wide spectrum of applications, but most importantly it can be utilised to prevent infection, something that could bring wide ranging benefits not only to British hospital wards, but to people living  in third world nations. 

Paul Jackson, managing director of UV Light Technology, a UK manufacturer, which supplies UV lamps around the world, will speak to the conference about the wide spectrum of applications that UV offers from curing to disinfection.  There is hardly an aspect of daily life where UV does not contribute in some way to making our lives more comfortable, secure, healthier and even fun. 

The effectiveness of UV light at killing germs is becoming increasingly apparent to medical professionals. A recent study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania found that using untraviolet C light to clean hospital rooms reduced the number of infections among hematology-oncology patients by 25 percent.

It was revealed last year in response to study’s provong the effectiveness of UV light, that American company Rayvio is developing a portable and digital UV source, that can be used to, among other things, sterilise baby’s bottle to prevent contagious illnesses in youngsters.

The product, which is in the final phases of development, uses TruViolet technology to eradicate 99.9 percent of germs on an object, in just sixty seconds, without having to use any harmful chemicals that could be harmful for a child.

TruViolet is a semiconductor light source technology that can be used to disinfect water and hospital instruments and can also be used to treat infected skin.

It is also conceivable that, due to the devices portable nature, the device, which has been christened Ellie, could be used in third world countries, where infant illness caused by bacteria is much more difficult to treat once infection takes hold.

Making UV light treatment mobile is something that is garnering more and more traction in other areas too.

Cleanty, which is currently available on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, is a mobile UVC light source that is able to quickly sterilize objects.

The miniature device, which is about the size of a tube of lipstick, can be quickly passed over objects such as cellphones, utensils and shoes. The device was created in response to the outbreak of MERS disease in Korea in the hopes of reducing the levels of infection. 

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