Woman sues ‘dimly lit’ iconic London music venue

The lighting in the hallways of Ronnie Scott’s jazz club (pictured) in London’s Soho are under scrutiny after a woman suffered a serious fall.

Badly lit stairwells can put lives at risk, especially in bars, clubs and music venues.

A woman is taking a legendary Soho music venue to court, after suffering a ‘nasty fall’ in a poorly lit stairwell.

Eren Hussein, 53, of Clapton, broke her elbow and two bones in her wrist after tumbling down a ‘very dimly lit’ stairwell, while leaving Ronnie Scott’s jazz club in central London.

Hussein is suing the venue for thousands of pounds in compensation and claim she has been left with ‘very painful’ injuries after the accident.

A doctor and nurse who attended to Hussein after the accident recorded her condition as ‘intoxicated’ and had been celebrating her heavily pregnant daughter-in-law’s birthday at the time.

The lighting was labelled as ‘adequate’ by the club in the stairwell, which is also used as an emergency exit.

After stumbling on a step close to the top of the stairs, Hussein fell down one flight of stairs, round a corner, and then  down another.

‘It was dark, it was dim and I did’t see my step as I was going down,’ Hussein told Judge Heather Baucher QC, at Central London County Court.

‘I tumbled over and over and I injured myself very badly. I recall landing on my neck and the back of my head,’ Hussein concluded.

The court was informed that there is a handrail in place on one side of the flight of stairs in question, which leads from an upstairs lounge down towards the club itself, but it was being used by Hussein’s daughter-in-law at the time.

The case continues.