Lighting Fixture Design Conference: Top ten takeaways

Lux’s Lighting Fixture Design conference has concluded after two days of discussion and debate that touched on everything from smart cities, to indoor positioning to lighting for chickens. Here are ten tweetable takeways, ten moments that made us think and question or awakened us to a new thought or idea. More details on all these stories will follow soon.


10) Nigel Harvey – chief executive – Recolight

Nigel remined us that the reinstatment of European law into British statute after Brexit will not simply be a case of copy and paste:


9) John Matcham – farm and technical consultant – Greengage Lighting 

The extent of the possibilities for LED lighting in the horticulture industry surprised everyone:


8) Mark Cooper – Smart City Advice 

 Mark slapped us all across the face and called for calm as the  smart city hype continues to swell. We still have a way to go before a fully functioning  smart city comes into being:


7) David Mudd- director – Lux-TSI

When it comes to the fire rating of luminaires care and attention is required:


6) Brian Price – Aston University

A long life is achieved through reinvention, something that Brian Price confirmed in his talk about using fast moving product cycles to your advantage:


5) Professor Arnold Wilkins – Univeristy of Essex

School lighting is still not being done right and it could be hurting the quality of our children’s education:


4) Benjamin Brudnjak – product manager – Osram

The future of lighting lies with the Internet of Things as the figures prove:


3)  Benjamin Brudnjak – product manager – Osram

Indoor positioning is more advanced than we think and it’s already increasing profits in stores in Switzerland:


2) Benjamin Brudnjak – product manager – Osram

With all the talk of indoor positioning and the Internet of Things recording and analysing our every move, the question of personal liberty was raised. Do we want to live in a world where our every move can be tracked?


 1) Dean Skira – founder – Skira Architectural Lighting 

Dean Skira brought it all back home during his keynote talk. In an age when technology is broadening the scope of the services lighting can provide, we must not forget that lighting is all about people: