Woman blaming light for fall too drunk and fat, says judge

The famous Ronnie Scott's jazz club in London's Soho was found to be in the clear after the safety of the stairwell lighting was called into doubt.
Eren Hussein, 53, of Clapton arrives at court in London. Hussein’s attempt to claim damages from Ronnie Scott’s after a nasty fall were dismissed by a judge

A woman who blamed bad lighting for a nasty fall in Ronnie Scott’s jazz club in London, has had her claim for damages thrown out of court by a judge, who labeled her as drunk, overweight and careless at the time of the accident.

Eren Hussein, 53, of Clapton, broke her elbow and wrist after tumbling down two flights of stairs whilst leaving the legendary music venue in Soho.

She attempted to blame the accident on the dimly lit nature of the stairwell and launched a multi-thousand pound lawsuit against the club.

Judge Heather Baucher QC saw straight through this argument though and blamed the accident on the fact that Hussein was drunk, overweight and wearing platform heels. The 18 stone Hussein also neglected to use the bannister.

‘In her inebriated, obese state on three-inch platforms, that would be an obvious, simple step for anyone presented with what they saw as a hazard,’ Judge Baucher said in her summing up.

Mrs Hussein had denied that she was drunk and claimed to have had no more than a glass and a half of champagne and a glass of red wine.

However, a doctor and nurse who attended to Hussein after the accident recorded her condition as ‘intoxicated’ and she had been celebrating her heavily pregnant daughter-in-law’s birthday at the time.

The lighting was labelled as ‘adequate’ by the club in the stairwell, which is also used as an emergency exit.

Judge Baucher visited the stairwell during the trial and concluded that the lighting was not causing a hazard.

Hussein has lost 5st since the accident.