Product Reviews

The top 20 products to see at Euroshop 2017

The Euroshop exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany, is just days away. Here’s what to look out for at this year’s event, which kicks off on Sunday 5th of March.


3f Filippi – 3F Emilio

3F Emilio is a new indoor spotlight. Created by Serge and Robert Cornelissen, it is able to illuminate retail areas and offices, thanks to its strong thermal performance and high visual comfort. It includes a compact LED module of CCT, with colour temperatures of 2,700K, 3,000K or 4,000K. The product also features a colour rendering index of CRI >80 or >90. 

Stand: Hall 10 / A20



Aurora – AXiO 

AXiO has been developed by Aurora in partnership with Gooee Inside. The Internet of Things enabled product aims to enhance business intelligence and revenues by providing data on energy efficiency, human engagement and space optimisation, whilst giving users a range of dynamic toolsets.

Stand: Hall 9 / C40




Baro – Ontero XR 

The spotlights that make up Baro’s new XR range are semi-recessed suspended luminaires. The products are compact in shape, without compromising on the technology. They boast hybrid LED optics with a silicone lens and reflector and the new power adapter of the spotlight series has been designed so that both today’s and future sensor and communication technology can be easily integrated. 

Stand: Hall 9 / C24





Esse – QI 

Featuring Eurostandard track, Esse’s new product brings general lighting to retail. The design utlilises the track’s flexible nature and features EUtrack mounting providing for suspended, ceiling and recessed products. Two emissions are available: perfect symmetric and diffused emission for general lighting or wall-washer for asymmetric lighting as an alternative to the spotlight. Multiple lengths and powers are availble too. 

Stand: Hall 10 / B20



Flos – Smart Control

This new selection of products features miniaturised engines and wireless sensors, pushing the luminarie’s abilities beyond traditional boundaries. Flos Smart Control offers a complete range of professional spotlights with unique possibilities of lamp positioning, orientation and focus management. No further element is required: just luminaries and a mobile app. 

Stand: Hall 9 / A74



Halla – Ixyo 

This LED moulding luminaire has been designed especially for commercial premises. The product has a clean, minimalist design. The luminaires can be equipped with highly luminous LEDs, with a colour rendering index of Ra>80 or Ra>90. LED sources with RealColour technology can also be used, ensuring an extremely high rendering index of Ra>97. RealWhite technology for white colour or a wider range of StrongColour variants for specific requirements are also available.

Stand: Hall 10 / B22



Harvard – EyeNut

EyeNut is an innovative cloud-based, IoT enabled, remote access, wireless control solution for indoor lighting. It gives users the freedom to commission, configure and completely control their own lighting to maximise energy savings and reduce carbon emissions.

Stand: Hall 9 / B12



Invisua – Dynamic lighting 

Invisua aims to make retail presentation more enticing. The product offers versatile control capabilities, along with a clean optical design, making it easy for stores to put a fine focus onto the products that are being sold. Invisua dynamic LED lighting systems aim to offer all the tools needed to design an appealing atmosphere that draws the customer’s eye. The product has been used in the windows at Selfridges London (pictured). 

Stand: Hall 11 / D78



Ivela – Miniperfetto

The Miniperfetto is a versatile range that is suitable for multiple applications. The deeply-recessed optics and the standard snoot make Miniperfetto ideal for reducing glare, whilst its compact lines and extremely elegant cylindrical head, fit easily into a variety of settings, from retail to hospitality to residential. Miniperfetto, with COB LEDs, can be customised with a range of optionals for better visual comfort.

Stand: Hall 9 / D26-15



LED Linear – Luna

This linear LED luminaire in IP40 is optimised for recessed applications in indoor areas. Offering a very low installation depth of only 25mm, the product is easy to install, requiring no tools for the process. With mounting springs and nine diffuser optics as well as three linear lenses for various applications, this is a dynamic product that offers the user options.

Stand: Hall 9 / A43




Linea Light Group – Diphy 

This warm white LED light source with a diffused light distribution is composed of 600 topled LEDs with a CCT of 3000K, a CRI 90 and an operating lifetime (L80) of 80000 hours. The device body is made of aluminium and features an embossed white ral 9003 finish. The diffuser is made of pmma and the mounting frame is made of iron, with an embossed white ral 9003 finish. The ingress protection degree is IP20. The power supply driver is included in the delivery. The total absorbed power is 42W and is provided by a specific driver with operating range 220V – 240V / 60Hz – 50Hz. The device features protection class I and can be ceiling-mounted.

Stand: Hall 9 / C26



Oktalite – Lightcube

Oktalite will use the exhibition as an opportunity to display the manifold capabilities of light and intelligent control systems. The lightcube is the centrepiece of the Oktalite booth. The company has also conducted investigations into human centric lighting. Oktalite has created a case study on the subject in conjunction with retailer Edeka (pictured).

Stand: Hall 9 / A60





Osram – Einstone 

Osram Einstone brings the offline and online worlds together using intelligent transmitter units known as beacons, thereby enabling the implementation of location based services. It was recently revealed that the product has been trialed in a number of Marc o’ Polo stores in Switzerland, where in-store indoor positioning was found to increase basket worth. This is a must see product.

Stand: Hall 9 / C59



Panzeri – Jackie 

Jackie is a family of LED lamps in die cast aluminum that are available in four different colors – white, red, black and titanium. The family is a multi-faceted lighting solution, ranging from a rigorous and functional desk lamp, either with base or clamp, to an elegant and refined floor lamp, to an architectural object in its wall or ceiling spotlight version. In all these guises Jackie offers linear simplicity.

Stand: Hall 9 / E25-15





Philips – Indoor positioning system 

Philips Lighting has launched a new partner program for indoor positioning that enables collaboration with industry leaders and start-ups to explore novel uses of the Philips’ indoor positioning system. The first partners to join include leaders in IT and system integration, strategic enterprise technology advisors and market leaders in handheld computers and electronic shelf labels, location based service software providers and parties active in robotics. Philips Lighting utilises a combination of its Visible Light Communication technology, Bluetooth, and the smartphone’s inertial sensors to deliver an indoor positioning system that offers 30 cm accuracy plus orientation, in-pocket notifications, and analytics. 

Stand: Hall 9 / B40




Prolicht – Magiq plus wallwash 

This product aims to illuminate wall spaces evenly. It features Prolicht’s vertical boost concept and one module is able to illuminate walls up to 4.5 x 1.8-metres. Prolicht’s BDLS (Bi-Directional Lighting Solution) provides flexibility. Simply release the luminaire from the driver housing, turn it around 180° and plug it back in. The product can also be tilted to +/- 15°and the module clicks into place for adjustment.

Stand: Hall 9 / C74



Self Electronics – Multifrio

The multi functional design is the biggest advantage of Multifrio, which can be applied in all types of coolers and freezers. A slim design ensures the light fixture is hidden in the freezer and an optic design generates uniform light throughout all the cooling spaces. 

Stand: Hall 10 / B19



SLP Shoplight – Smart Mirror 

The aim of the Smart Mirror is to create an adjustable fitting room light that transforms the frustrating dressing-room experience into a fun activity. This light minimises the occurrence of harsh and unrealistic shadows. The product aims to render colours and skin tone naturally, whilst flattering facial features and softening all body shapes.

Stand: Hall 9 / C73




TAL -Funnel Elbow

Featuring a wattage of 7,84W x1 and an input of 700mA – DC (11,2Vf), this dimmable product with a beam angle of 36° and an adjustability of 359° to 50° features a lumen output of 725 lm. Sleek and stylish this product is ideal for any interior design project where simplicity and elegance are going to be at the fore.

Stand: Hall 10 / C53





Viabizzuno – Men Sole

The stylish light shelf system for interior use with 24Vdc electrified racks is made of a special conductive alloy. They are available in three types with 118.1 length and polished aluminium or black finishing.

Stand: Hall 9 / B09