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In-store indoor positioning system launched in Germany

Indoor positioning looks set to prompt a retail revolution.
An  EDEKA Paschmann supermarket in Düsseldorf has become the inaugural store in Germany to benefit from the new Philips’ indoor positioning system.

An  Edaka Paschmann supermarket in Düsseldorf has become the first store in Germany to benefit from indoor positioning technology.

In collaboration with Favendo, Philips has developed a new smartphone app that gives shoppers access to location-based services, helping them to find items in the store, down to an accuracy of 30cm.

A range of newly introduced downlights and spotlights have been installed in the store, which are compatible with the Philips way-finding technology.

‘We are convinced that this system is future proof,’ commented Falk W. Paschmann, managing director at Edeka.

‘Customers without smartphones will also benefit from the service, as our staff can use the app to search for goods faster and more reliably. Restocking the shelves is also much simpler with this navigation system.’

As well as providing location services and in-pocket notifications about discounts, the technology can also be used to collect data about where are the busiest areas in stores and analyse the routes customers take to find products. This allows retailers to make better decisions when it comes to store layout and marketing.

The Philips Lighting Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons, which allow the location system to work, are easy to integrate as they come with multiple powering options ranging from full integration into luminaires to track-mounted beacons.

Meanwhile at EuroShop this week, Internet of Things start-up Gooee is premiering its ‘full-stack’ IoT lighting ecosystem.

Aurora Lighting is demonstrating AXiO for the first time at the show, which uses the Gooee technology to enhance retailer’s business intelligence, supplying real-time data via the lighting.

 ‘We now have more than 30 partnerships established with lighting manufacturers and we expect there to be little short of a revolution in the retail industry, thanks to Gooee Inside.’ 

Jan Kemeling -chief commercial officer of Gooee.

Gooee released the first of its Development Kits at LuxLive 2016, enabling users to integrate sensory and cloud-based technology within luminaires, that are wirelessly connected to an operating platform, such as Aurora’s AXiO.

 ‘We now have more than 30 partnerships established with lighting manufacturers and we expect there to be little short of a revolution in the retail industry, thanks to Gooee inside,’ commented Jan Kemeling, chief commercial officer of Gooee.

Data on energy usage, customer engagement and space optimisation can be captured and analysed by the technology, allowing retailers to make better-informed decisions. The technology can also provide data on buying habits and the direction of travel of customers when they are in the store.

Neil Salt, managing director of the IoT Division and chief marketing officer at Aurora Lighting, said in response to his firms latest innovation: ‘By designing and creating a lighting platform powered by Gooee, an Aurora network of lighting is not only generating visual and stimulating physical displays but is also providing valuable data and consumer insights for the retailer.

Now decision makers have the ability in real time to enjoy clear information based on timely trends that they can use to create even more value and advantage; for example, creating special offers to enhance a product’s sales,’ Salt concluded.

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