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Experts to gather at Lux Lighting for Rail Conference

St Pancras Station in Central London. Lighting for rail is changing, stay ahead of the curve at Lux's upcoming Lighting for Rail Conference.

Rail experts are set to gather in London for a special conference considering the current state of lighting on the rail network.

The event, which will take place at the Cavendish Centre in Central London on the 18th of May 2017, will address the key issue of driver-only operation, which is prompting strike action across the UK network. 

Many of the UK’s largest rail franchises are planning to remove guards, who have traditionally been responsible for train doors, and place the responsibility in the hands of drivers.

Rail unions think that this will put passengers at risk and lighting has the ability to play an important role to ensure nobody is in danger.

From missing a boarding passenger due to poor uniformity to experiencing ‘wipe-out’ on CCTV monitors to discomfort and debilitating glare, train drivers face lighting hazards every day.

In a special session at the conference, experts will explore how to best assess the lighting performance at railway stations, depots and power signal box control rooms for driver-only operation.

The evolving nature of rail industry’s lighting standards and the challenges and opportunities associated with lighting technology on the rail network will also be discussed at the conference. 

A new generation of train sheds, that is currently under construction to house InterCity Express rolling stock, will also be placed under the microscope. 

The conference will also consider what is the most cost effective way of cutting light pollution on the rail network. Invited experts will ask how can residents’ attitudes to changes in colour temperature can be managed, as the backlash against the colour temperature of street light LEDs continues. 

Suicide on the rail network is also a problem that that the conference will attempt to address. The use of blue light to reduce track suicides, an idea pioneered in Japan, is now being trialed around the world, including in the UK. The conference will ask if the science is backed up by results on the ground.

You can find out more about the Lighting for Rail conference by clicking here

  • Lux’s Lighting for Rail Conference will take place at the Cavendish Centre in Central London on the 18th of May 2017. You can read the programme and register to attend by clickinghere.