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Are LED replacements available for fluorescent tubes?

Yes, retrofit LED tubes are available for fluorescent tubes operated on either electro-magnetic or electronic control gear but it is important to check for compatibility before installing.

There are also ‘universal’ LED tubes that can be used with both types of control gear, though they will require a special LED starter when used with electro-magnetic control gear.

Some tubes require that the original control gear be taken out of circuit. The LIA (Lighting Industry Association) advises that any alterations to an original luminaire from a manufacturer will invalidate the warranty – regardless of the nature of any fault.

With the exception of removing the starter canister form the circuit, it is not recommended to make any changes to a luminaire.

Any work carried out on electrical equipment must only be done by a qualified electrician and it is essential that all manufacturers’ wiring instructions are followed prior to the work being carried out.

Typical retrofit lamps are available for both T8 and T5 luminaires.

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​This question is answered by Chris Shenton, technical and quality specialist at LEDvance UK.