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Philips broadens IoT foothold with surprise partnerships

Some of Philips's IoT partners could be considered competitors, but any animosity is being put aside for the sake of IoT.
Silvair and Gooee have both joined  Philip’s OEM program in an attempt to get  more companies to develop IoT products.

Philips Lighting is all set to bulk up on partners who can provide wireless smart lighting components, as the company plots its own Internet of Things (IoT) advance.

The firm has quietly certified Gooee, Silvair and two other firms for it OEM program, whilst leaving open the possibility that Philips could embed these company’s products into their own wares.

Only last month it was announced that Philips had taken its first steps into the lucrative Li-Fi market, by purchasing Luciom, a small French company, which specialises in visible light communication (VLC), a surprise move that brought credibility to the fledgling technology.

Steinel and Lucy Zodion join Gooee and Silvair, as well as 14 other firms, to join a certification programe that Philips launched a year ago.

The programme gives options to manufacturers who build intelligent LED luminaires using a Philip’s smart lighting driver called Xitanium SR.

Philips builds the driver to work with sensors and other circuits, which allows luminaires to detect and collect data on things like occupancy, motion, climate, noise, and air quality.

Such sensors can also support more sophisticated controls that know when to turn lights on or off and alter their brightness or color temperature.

‘This will greatly increase the relevance of the lighting industry for capturing and growing the IoT opportunity.’

 Gijs von Morgen – Philips Lighting

Philips hopes that the new partnerships will boost the chances that lighting manufacturers will build smart luminaires that are IoT compliant.

The lighting industry is pinning its hopes on IoT as providing a valuable source of revenue from collecting, analysing, and selling data.

‘This will greatly increase the relevance of the lighting industry for capturing and growing the IoT opportunity,’ Philips’ Gijs von Morgen of Philips Lighting told our sister publication LEDs Magazine.

Some of the 17 non-Philips companies such as Gooee, Silvair, and Samsung Electronics could be considered Philips’ competitors, making goods that vie for business against Philips’ own components.

The list includes outdoor controls specialist Tvilight, an outfit in which Philips’ rival Osram now owns a large stake.

However, like many players in the IoT lighting industry, Philips is increasingly turning to coopetition to try to stimulate the IoT scene.

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