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How to Light: What is ERP regulation and does it effect me?

ERP stands for Energy Related Products for EU Directive on Eco-Design.

ERP is the European Union regulation that bans the selling of certain lamps that fail set energy performance criteria. Its purpose is the removal of poor energy-efficient products from the market such as certain tungsten halogen and incandescent lamps.

The placing on the market of mains voltage directional halogen lamps was banned in 2016. The final stage of regulation EC 245/2009 comes into force on 13 April 2017. This effects metal halide lamps, high pressure mercury vapour lamps and high pressure sodium lamps.

The UK does not have any ‘home-grown’ regulations so any future regulations introduced by the EU post-Brexit will not effect us. However, the current regulations, which have been adopted by the UK, will remain in force unless they are specifically changed in the future.

This question has been answered by Chris Shenton, technical and quality specialist at LEDvance UK. 

A full list of banned lamps can be downloaded from and you can get further information from the LIA website or