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How to Light: Will halogen transformers and dimmers work with LED?

 Here we’re referring to 12v lighting systems that require transformers in the circuit to reduce the 240v mains supply to provide a 12v supply to the lamps.

Do LED lamps work with traditional transformers and dimmers?

Yes, up to a point.

But, it is vital to check that the existing 240/12v transformers are compatible with the LED lamp/s being used. Incompatibility between the electronic circuitry of the transformer and that of the LED can lead to poor performance and failure of the equipment.

Ensuring compatibility is even more important when dimming is being used. Incompatibility symptoms include, flickering, loss of dimming range, lamp failure, poor performance, reduced lifespan, humming and noise. Most manufacturers offer compatible charts which show performance test results based on the most common transformers/dimmers on the market.

As there are many dimmers and LED retro-fit lamps on the market it is impossible to test every dimmer with every LED. Unfortunately, where there is no data for any specific dimmer+LED combination, the end user will need to carry out their own testing, which can be done via an accredited test house. 

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This question has been answered by Chris Shenton, technical and quality specialist at LEDvance UK.